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Mini360 SL

$100 OFF when purchased with any fragrance oil subscription for 60 days

Our Premiere Waterless Diffuser Scents up to 400 square feet with ease and efficiency.

Begin your scenting journey with the easy-to-use Mini360 SL. Sleek and compact, this waterless, heatless scent diffuser features plug and play portability and the ability to change scents easily.

This type of advanced atomization technology is also residue free and safe for pets, children and furniture. 

Black Mini360 SL - Estimated Arrival Date: Sept. 30th

    Waterless Nano-Mist

    Using innovative cold air diffusion technology, the high-pressurized dispersion process transforms fragrances into a lightweight, dry nano-mist. This pure essential oil mist stays suspended in the air longer and offers better scent coverage.

    Total Scent Control

    Control the concentration of oil and schedule the perfect time to mist, the Mini360 is designed to fit your schedule.

    Remote-control operation allows you to regulate scent density and schedule dispersal with ease. 

    Key Features & Tech Specs

    • Scents up to 400 square feet
    • 3.25" width x 11.25" height
    • Compatible with 50mL &120mL bottles.
    • Includes remote-control for scent density and mist schedule
    • Heatless & waterless atomizer technology preserves the structural integrity of fragrance oils
    • Dry mist leaves no residue
    • Safe for pets, children and furniture


    Decorate your home with
    The Art of Scent

    Fill every room in your home with a scent to match! A relaxing scent to unwind after a long day in your bedroom, or an energetic scent to brighten the atmosphere in your home office. Scent your space today with the Mini360.