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Spring Collection

24K Magic
Inspired by: W Hotel Scent®
Lemongrass | Bergamot | Lily
from $49.95 USD
California Love
Inspired by: The Delano®
Green Tea | Lemongrass | Lily
from $49.95 USD
Inspired by: Ritz Carlton®
Ozone | Jasmine | Black pepper
from $49.95 USD
Designed for: Melià Hotels®
Bergamot | Jasmine | Rose
from $49.95 USD
All of Me
Designed for: Chrome Hearts
Green Tea | Lemon Flower | Jasmine
from $49.95 USD
Champagne Supernova
Designed for: Mandara Spa®
Bamboo | Jasmine | Ginger
from $49.95 USD
Designed for: Atlantis Hotel®
Neroli | Jasmine | Vanilla
from $49.95 USD
London Calling
Inspired by: Ferrari®
White Tea | Cedarwood | Soku Lime
from $49.95 USD
The Bliss
Inspired by: Bliss Spas®
Lemon Zest | Bergamot | Jasmine
from $49.95 USD
November Rain
Inspired by: Marriott Hotels®
Grapefruit | Orange | Jasmine
from $49.95 USD
Lemon | Bergamot | Orange
from $49.95 USD
Eternal Sunshine
Inspired by: Luxor Hotel®
Satsuma | Golden Bamboo | Cedar
from $49.95 USD
Lust for Life
Designed for: Grove Resort®
Lemon | Lime | Jasmine
from $49.95 USD
Inspired by: Bergamot by Le Labo
Bergamot | Orange Blossom | Vetiver
from $49.95 USD
Born to Run
Inspired by: Terre D' Hermes®
Grapefruit | Orange | Benzoin
from $49.95 USD
Running Wild
Blue Spruce | Tree Moss | Bergamot
from $49.95 USD
Pretty Thoughts
Bamboo | Jasmin and Neroli
from $49.95 USD
Walk of Life
Lemon | Apple | Fresh Cut Grass
from $49.95 USD
Falling Awake
Bamboo | Watermint | Jasmine
from $49.95 USD