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Woodsy Collection

Black Velvet
Inspired by: Edition Hotel®
Smokey Black Tea | Rose | Amber
from $49.95 USD
Blue Moon
Inspired by: Nest's Cedar Leaf & Jasmine
Blue Cedar | Lavender | Eucalyptus
from $49.95 USD
Born to Run
Inspired by: Terre D' Hermes®
Grapefruit | Orange | Benzoin
from $49.95 USD
Desert Rose
Inspired by: Fairmont Hotels®
Oud Wood | Damask Rose | Clove
from $49.95 USD
Midnight in Paris
Inspired by: Hotel Costes®
Sandalwood | Nutmeg | Amber
from $49.95 USD
My Way
Inspired by: 1 Hotel®
Leather | Sandalwood | Amber
from $49.95 USD
Piano Man
Oud | Smoked Patchouli | Rosewood
from $49.95 USD
Poetic Justice
Suede | Oud | Peony
from $49.95 USD
Inspired by: Ritz Carlton®
Pine Needles | Citrus Zest | Balsamic
from $49.95 USD
Running Wild
Blue Spruce | Tree Moss | Bergamot
from $49.95 USD
Shadow Dancing
Inspired by: Tom Ford's Oud Wood
Rare Oud Wood | Rosewood | Tonka Bean
from $49.95 USD
Smooth Operator
Inspired by: Lexus®
Lilac | Sandalwood | Patchouli
from $49.95 USD