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Scents that evoke trust

Did you know that new research now pinpoints to a specific scent that will evoke trust when smelled? Did you even think that trust could be quantified to a scent? Quite honestly, neither did I. It sounds like it cannot be possible.

Scientists and marketing gurus have long known that the relationship humans have with scent is both complex and complicated. It is also incredibly primitive. Scent is a powerful tool that is thought to control up to 75% of our daily decision making. 75%! That is HUGE in terms of spending, buying, eating, living, shopping and every other aspect of our daily routines.

A 2015 study from Leiden University in The Netherlands found that the scent of lavender when introduced actually causes people to trust more. In a controlled study, peppermint, lavender and no scent were all introduced in three different rooms. Overwhelmingly, the lavender room evoked the strongest feelings of trust. This is thought to be due to the fact that lavender is a calming scent. One which notably relaxes us. Now it turns out it also allows us to build trust. This is most likely due to the fact that relaxation creates mutual trust between two people.

The implications of this study could be huge for businesses of every type. Think of financial institutions: we want to invest our money in a place where we trust it will be safe. Car dealerships: we want to trust that our salesperson is giving us the best deal possible. Retail establishments: we want to trust that the salesperson is telling the truth when they say that we look amazing in whatever it is we are trying on and thinking of purchasing. Athletes on sports teams: think how important it is to know your team member has your back and the trust that can be evoked by that thought.

Trust is something that one always says must be earned. Well, it looks like trust also can be as simple as lavender.

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