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Case Study - The Power of Scent

Case Study – Starbucks Breakfast Sandwiches

A few years ago Starbucks began to see a company-wide decline in its sale of coffee at its retail establishments. The reason? The lack of the smell of coffee. The “Starbucks Experience” had deteriorated as the smell of the breakfast sandwiches overpowered the aroma of the coffee. CEO Howard Schultz recognized that Starbucks was much more than just a place to get a cup of coffee; it was an experience. He felt the smell of the sandwiches destroyed the essence of Starbucks, which was “the creation of the ultimate atmosphere for coffee lovers.” Shultz decided to eliminate the sandwiches from the menu. Coffee sales again began to soar, with this step. Starbucks at this point decided to look to reformulate their sandwiches, using higher quality ingredients and began baking them at a lower temperature. These changes kept the sandwiches from overpowering the coffee smell of a store. Coffee won! As did Starbucks. Contact Aroma 360 to learn more about scenting ad how it can impact your business.