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Seduction through Scent

For centuries, Aromatherapy oils have been used as a sensual way to fire up the libido. Think of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Sensuality. She spread rose petals in her bedroom, and burned floral essential oils. Same with Cleopatra, who lured Mark Antony through the power of scent (rose again).

So with such a strong historical account of the power of essential oils, its no wonder that scent is the language of sensuality and love. We truly believe in the power of these magical oils. Just about every man or woman has at some point wished for a miracle scent, one that can capture the man or woman of their dreams. Certain smells can ignite chemistry and a have a huge impact on our libidos.

We believe so strongly in chemistry based on smell, we dedicated a whole collection to oils that are sure to fire up passion and love when dispersed. True Romance is a collection comprised almost completely of oils that have known aphrodisiac qualities. Vanilla, Sandalwood, Rose, Mimosa, and lavender. They all can ignite a frenzy of romantic feelings.

Try one of the scents from the True Romance collection today!

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