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Scenting for Medical and Dental Offices

Medical and Dental Offices are more and more recognizing the need to insure their patients feel comfortable and at ease which in turn helps to guarantee that they will feel satisfied, more likely to recommend them to friends and family and assist with repeat business. Introducing calming scents in both Medical and Dental Offices helps to put the patient’s nerves to rest while in the waiting or exam rooms. Studies show that scenting with a soothing eucalyptus or lavender smell helps trigger a response of relaxation and calm, allowing the experience for the patient to be much less traumatic then without the introduction of scent.

In addition to calming a patient, introducing scenting in a Medical or Dental Office is an excellent way to eliminate the smell of harsh chemicals or detergents, which are frequently if not always used in the medical field for cleaning and disinfecting.

Ambient Scenting provides a positive effect on patient perceptions of the quality of service they are receiving, the cleanliness of the office as well as the overall personal wellness one takes away from an experience that is typically perceived as being less than an enjoyable one. It is a simple, inexpensive way to calm and nurture your clients.

Another way that scenting in these offices are beneficial to both staff and patients, is that by using essential oils that have both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, you can control to an extent the spread of illness. These oils help keep that to a minimum. There is nothing worse than going to a Doctor’s office for a check-up and walking away catching the cold of the person who was seated across the waiting room.

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