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Take a Breather – Spa Scenting

Diffusing a relaxing fragrance throughout a spa can seem like a no-brainer. In fact, most spas already use aromatherapy as part of their regular services. However, diffusing fragrances is less about the scent itself and more about the experience the spa creates for its clients. Adding a relaxing, signature fragrance at the entrance or reception desk of a spa can set the tone for the quality of service and attention the guest can expect to receive. Our Spa Collection holds a number of fragrances perfect for creating a calm, relaxing air.

Generate lasting and consistent memories for clients by allowing them to take that signature scent home. Through our 360 Program, we can customize additional scent points for your clients to take home, thereby creating another stream of revenue. Many studies have confirmed that the sense of smell is closely linked to memories – humans remember 35% of what they smell. Scent points like candles, shampoos and pillow mists keep clients returning and drives more business. Speak to a consultant today to find out how to leave a lasting impression on your clientele.