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Museum360 XL

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The Museum360XL is the gold standard of HVAC scenting, covering multiple areas without the use of residue-creating, unnatural substances and sprays. 

Utilizing safe Cold Air Diffusion technology, the Museum360XL allows the user to create a total emersion experience through scent either in their home or business. 

The Museum360 XL’s state-of-the-art delivery system provides even and consistent fragrance distribution wherever it is used.  Additionally, it distributes the scent in multiple areas at pre-selected concentration levels, all the while keeping the therapeutic properties of the essential oils. 

This diffuser is easy to install and integrate into existing HVAC systems and is a complete home or business fragrance distribution system. 

Manage when scenting occurs through an easy-to-use internal digital time. Supplement large spaces, such as entire homes, hotel floors, and mall wings, with the Museum360 HVAC Scent Diffuser.

    About the Museum360

    Our largest diffuser for both commercial and residential use.  Resourcefully cover multiple areas with the Museum360xl.  By connecting through the HVAC system in your home or business, this diffuser is our largest and most powerful, and offers the greatest square foot coverage in the collection of diffusers we offer.  Possessing state of the art technology along with cutting edge design, the Museum360xl flawlessly and consistently scents spaces up to 6,000 square feet.  Designed for those who want an immersive scenting experience, the Museum360xl is easily connected through your home or businesses HVAC system, and requires no maintenance, just a monthly scent refill.  Perfect for use in large spaces such as hotels, lobbies, gyms, retail establishments, homes or shopping centers

    How To

    Using Your Diffuser


    • Unplug or power off your machine before beginning.  Use one of the keys included with your diffuser to open the side door.  Slide the door up and out to reveal the oil compartment.  Unscrew the aluminum bottle and you will see an oil pipette attached to a nozzle.
    • Pour your preferred Aroma360 oil into the provided aluminum bottle.  Screw the aluminum bottle until it is secured to the oil pipette in the bottle (Careful not to overfill the bottle).
    • Once the oil is inserted tightly and secured, reattach the door and lock with the same key.  Note:  if the bottle is not inserted tightly or straight, the oil will leak.  Please ensure the bottle is placed correctly.  Once the oil is added, it is safe to plug in or turn on the diffuser.
    • The top silver button on the left of the Museum360XL is the power on button, while the top button on the right powers off the unit. 

    More detailed instructions about setting scent times, intensity, cleaning your diffuser and HVAC Connection options can be found in your Diffusers box or under the instruction manualssection of this website.

    Features & Specs

    • Can be used with one or two 500mL bottles
      • Scent Coverage for Single Bottle: Up to 3,000 sq/ft
      • Scent Coverage for Double Bottles: Up to 6,000 sq/ft
    • Dimensions 10 ¼ x 6 ½ x7 ½ (inches)
    • Bottle- 500mL or 3L fragrance bottles
    • Colors- black only

    Frequently Asked

    We have two types of products. 1) The portable line can work in any environment and do not require central A/C. These are the suggested option for areas that have wall AC, split units or heat radiators. 2) HVAC units do require a central A/C system to operate. 

    No. Aroma360 can also be used with the fan or heat settings in the central air conditioning system. Warm air will give you a slightly stronger fragrance. 

    Suggested intensity should be between 25-35%. For a lighter intensity, we recommend 10-15%, and for a stronger intensity we recommend 60%. 

    A standalone unit can simply be plugged in and work from anywhere in reach of an outlet. An HVAC unit connects to your HVAC system in order to provide consistent and even coverage throughout an entire building. Our standalone units include the Mini360, DaVinci360 and our hybrid unit, the VanGogh360. The VanGogh360 can be used as stand-alone or be connected to your HVAC system. Our most powerful diffuser, the Museum360 can only be connected to the HVAC system and scents the largest area. 

    In order for the system to work the fan must be on. During cool weather turn the fan of your central air conditioner to the ON position (as opposed to AUTO) to ensure the fragrance continues to circulate throughout your home. 

    There is no service or maintenance needed for the HVAC units. Only requirement is to change the fragrance canister once empty.