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Decorate with Scent for the Holidays

Did you know that you can decorate with scent? Since scent is linked so closely with memory, one whiff of Frasier Fir can instantly evoke Christmas morning and all the festive vibes associated with this special day. Building on this scent-memory connection, you can use Aroma360’s collection of seasonal fragrance oils to create the perfect ambiance this holiday season.

This year, Aroma360 has unveiled five winter-inspired scents guaranteed to get you in the mood to celebrate. Each scent has been curated to capture the essence of the holidays. Even if you live in a warm climate, you can escape to a winter wonderland with one inhale.

Add another layer to your Christmas decorations with our seasonal scents, which will complement any celebration. It’s an easy way to feel merry, even if your gathering will be smaller this year. Get scenting with these limited-edition scents, which will only be available for a few more weeks.

Warm Luxe Cashmere

As cozy as it sounds, an indulgent and elegant sensory experience for those snow-filled days and nights. Surround yourself with a blend of floral white peonies, soft jasmine, sweet vanilla musk and warm sandalwood.

Pinecones & Holly

Enjoy a wintery scene redolent of earthy fir needles, woodsy pinecones and spicy cinnamon and clove. This scent truly embodies the spirit of Christmas.

Frasier Fir

A holiday classic! Capture the unmistakable smell of Christmas morning with its spectacular cedarwood, sandalwood and sweet apple notes.

Whipped Peppermint

A favorite holiday cocktail, you can almost taste the peppermint, coconut cream, marshmallow fluff and caramel.

Wood Burning Fire

While you may not have a fireplace, Wood Burning Fire is like a roaring fire on a cold day with its seductive smoky aroma. The warmth of vetiver, smoked birch and cashmere musk add to the comfort level.