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Romantic Scents That Set The Mood

romantic scents

While there are many options that can help create a romantic atmosphere, Aroma360’s collection ofromantic scents can help you make truly unforgettable memories.

Romantic Scents

These romantic scents can go with any of Aroma360’sscent diffusers:


If you’re looking to set the mood right in your home or business, then Allure’s crisp jasmine and bergamot scent can fill the atmosphere with the vibe of a romantic getaway.

Desert Rose

You can give your space a five-star honeymoon hotel ambiance with the heady, romantic aroma of Desert Rose.This aroma is comprised of dark damask rose and the rich layers of oud wood.

Black Velvet

Black Velvet enters lovers into the ravishing world of a hidden speakeasy. This scent offers the perfect blend of bold aromas, blending rose, bergamot, cedar, and blonde woods with a zesty finish.


If you are looking for a delicate, sophisticated ambience, Chandelier providesmineral facets of ambergris and woody tones of a freshly cut oakmoss.

These are just a few of Aroma360’s most romantic scents, view the rest of their romantic scents in theirTrue Romance Collection.

Why Certain Scents Evoke Romance

Scents can evoke many different kinds of feelings. The aroma of a nice cup of roasted coffee is enough to make plenty of people feel warm and comfortable inside, while the smell of food being cooked can make your mouth water with anticipation.

Specific smells can trigger certain reactions and none is quite as exciting as the smell of romance. There are many visual cues that shout “romance” but they aren’t usually as impactful as entering a room that’s filled with the smell of roses or lavender.

However, unlike food or drink, romance isn’t exactly tangible. How do such scents then evoke such powerful emotions?

The Power of Pheromones

Romantic scents are all about attraction, which in turn is fueled by pheromones. If you’ve ever wondered why you feel ecstatic when you’re around your significant other, even when neither of you are doing anything, pheromones are a likely cause.

The secret of pheromones lies in how the brain works when it registers a scent. In 2016, researchers from the University of Bern discovered that while the humans don’t have the ability to detect pheromones as accurately as animals, scents still play an important part in the process of attraction.

The Benefits of Romantic Scents

Pheromones are proof of how scents can influence humans even without us noticing. Scents already have the ability to trigger emotions and even memories when encountered, and its ability to influence sexual attraction can be very useful in certain situations.

Wearing a good perfume can imprint you through scent to the people around you. If you go on a date, for example, then your partner will most likely attribute your scent to the memories you both shared during that night.

Romantic scents can also be used to set the mood in stores or workplaces. A romantic scent lingering inside your lobby can evoke especially pleasant memories for customers. Setting up the proper mood can also lead them to have a better image of your business if they end up liking the scent.