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Summer collection and diffusers

Mini360 SL 72 reviews
Scents up to 400 sq/ft
руб17.300,00 RUB
VanGogh360 45 reviews
Scents up to 1,800 sq/ft
руб57.700,00 RUB
DaVinci360 43 reviews
Scents up to 800 sq/ft
руб34.600,00 RUB
Summer Breeze 27 reviews
Inspired by: Ritz-Carlton Hotel®
Cucumber | Melon | Violet
from руб2.600,00 RUB
Museum360 XL 40 reviews
Scents up to 6,000 sq/ft
руб86.500,00 RUB
Watermelon Sugar
Watermelon | Lemon | Apple
from руб2.600,00 RUB
Pink Sands 1 review
Amber Aire | Cashmere Wood | Vanilla
from руб2.600,00 RUB
Aquatic Breeze | Magnolia | White Musk
from руб2.600,00 RUB
Coconut Waters | Santal | Jasmine
from руб2.600,00 RUB
Scents up to 3,000 sq/ft
руб80.800,00 RUB