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Smart Car Diffuser

24 reviews

$100 OFF when purchased with any fragrance oil subscription for 60 days

Take your favorite scents on the road with you with our latest in smart technology. The Smart Car Diffuser enhances any journey with it's sleek and modern look, providing both visual and aromatic pleasure. 

Featuring smart auto start and stop function, the diffuser is able to detect when your car is on/off meaning it will disperse scent while the car is on, and enter a 'stand by' state not dispersing scent while the car is off.

  • Includes a USB charger to easily charge device.
  • Easily swap scents at any time with scent cartridges.
  • 5 levels to adjust scent intensity to your liking.

Easily Control Intensity

5 unique scent dispersion settings allow you to control atomization frequency.

Simple press and hold the center button to toggle between scenting schedules. You can also press the power button for an instant puff of fragrance anytime. 


Detects When Car is On

Smart Start and Stop technology puts the device to sleep while the car is off, conserving both scent oil and battery life for when you need it most.