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Aroma 360 strives to infuse the alluring scents of nature’s most potent aromas into your daily life to create a memorable yet unique ambiance. Using the latest in cold air diffusion technology, Aroma 360 allows homeowners and businesses to engage what is perhaps the most commanding sense smell. We aim to harness the power of the human sensory system and its ability to create powerful, long-lasting emotions.


Scent is capable of much more than providing a pleasant experience for the sense of smell. With its direct link to the sense of taste, scent can create an enticing experience in places where robust aromas fill the air. Imagine the savory smelling goodness found in pizza parlors or the fresh fruit essence of an open air market you can almost taste it, can’t you... Similarly, scent can quickly bring to life the memory of a time passed. Remember the scent of the briny breeze as it swept through your hair on your last beach vacation or the warm, comforting smell of your grandmother’s home when you were a kid? Scent can take your mind back in time with a single whiff and leave you lingering in your memories. Scent is a unique and compelling guide, influencing our emotions and enjoyment. It is able to move us in a subtle yet persuasive way. Scent sparks moods in us, takes us back to beautiful moments, and ingrains memories in us. With Aroma 360, you can create an environment that influences emotions as it leaves people with a positive, long-lasting impression of your business or home. Aroma 360 helps you harness this power in all aspects of your life as you help customers feel a sense of wellness, improve staff performance, or create a burst of liveliness to refresh your family in your home.


Scents can trigger the mind and stir emotions into a frenzy of excitement and sweet satisfaction. The closely connected olfactory gland and limbic system, register what we smell and control emotions, respectively. Their neighboring presence can be attributed to the overwhelming power of aroma and effectiveness of Aroma 360. The olfactory sense activates the brain's behavioral center to affect memory recognition and focus. Such mental authority can be bottled, cold air diffused, and delivered using Aroma 360 products.


Aroma 360 was founded on the ideals that a beautiful, aromatic ambiance should be easily created and readily accessible to all. Regardless of the location, Aroma 360 strives to provide the highest quality scenting solutions to optimize the health and beauty of any space. Learn more about Aroma 360 scenting solutions and what they can do for your home or business. Farah Abassi, founder of Aroma360 and author of THE ART OF AROMA, seeks to provide a greater understanding of the immense power of essential oils and aromachology through “The Art of Aroma” and Aroma 360. “The Art of Aroma” consists of historical and informational anecdotes dating back to the first known uses of aromatherapy, all the way through to the modern scientific and marketing uses of today. Abassi takes readers on an aromatic journey through the sensory pleasures of scenting in our world as she depicts the effects of smell on nearly all aspects of everyday life.

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