Imagine the day when you can walk into your home and have the stress of the day lifted off your shoulders in a single moment. You are embraced with a sense of comfort and calm as your muscles relax, your mind clears, and your breathing deepens. Thanks to Aroma 360, that day is today. One third of our day is spent in the home, that time should be made as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible. With so much time and effort being spent on creating the right ambiance in your home using design and decoration, it’s time to complete your decor with the invigorating scents of Aroma 360.

Our wide range of aromas offer solutions for homes of all shapes and sizes and go beyond what your everyday aroma can do. Help keep your home sanitary with the antibacterial properties of Aroma 360 essential oils that purify the air to optimize your health. Our Flawless aroma oil has been shown to calm anxiety and relieve depression. The Purple Rain essential oil improves sleep and calms the nervous system. The In Your Eyes oil refreshes and relaxes the body after a long day.

Make your home even more welcoming as you create a lasting impression for your guests with Aroma 360.

Case Studies

Traditionally, realtors had in the past used the scent of a baking pie or that of freshly baked cookies to sell a property. New research however is pointing to the fact that this may not be a good tactic to employ, that these scents may actually overwhelm the potential buyers and render them unable to focus on the house, and only on the scent of the fresh smelling goods. And it can also in the process make them very, very hungry. It is now thought that simple, clean scents are the way to go to ensure a pleasant smelling environment that most will like.