A happy worker is a hard worker. Create the kind of environment that encourages your employees to work hard while enjoying their surroundings. In addition to a pleasant scent, Aroma 360 offers a number of extra perks. Provide air quality that is free from harmful pollutants and odors in a working space that can easily become the breeding grounds for common colds and coughs. This is crucial to the health, safety and well-being of your staff. Not only can scenting a commercial office assist in alleviating these problems, it can also create a more pleasant feel, efficient workforce and reduce stress.

Research shows people working in scented areas demonstrate better self-sufficiency and are more likely to adopt productive work strategies. Studies have shown that error rates in typing were significantly reduced when operators were exposed to lemon and lavender fragrances and an increased performance in speed and accuracy when scents such as peppermint were administered.

Upgrade your workplace environment with invigorating scents from Aroma 360 and improve overall productivity.

Case Studies

A study in a Japanese bank found that there was a 52% reduction in clerical errors when a citrus scent was introduced into the air.