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Trend Alert - Scented Weddings

Posted on May 20 2019

Scented Weddings by Aroma360

Wedding logos and party themes are so last season. The newest trend in wedding planning? Scenting. Yes - soon-to-be newlyweds are now using scent to create a personalized experience for their guests - and each other.

Scent has the power to transport us to an exact time or place in our lives and evokes memories, feelings, and emotions associated with that moment in a way that no photo album or video could ever do. Plus, unlike other keepsakes, scent is practical and can easily be incorporated into our daily lives. There’s no need to sit down and leaf through an album or pop in a video to relive the memories. You can diffuse the scent at home whenever you want - on date nights, anniversaries or other special occasions.
“Ibiza” is the scent that was created for a very special client's dream wedding in Ibiza. 

A Scent Inspired by the 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach®

Posted on May 18 2019

The scent of the 1 Hotel South beach by Aroma360

1 hotel and home signature scent by aroma360

The scent of the 1 Hotel Miami by Aroma360

The 1 Hotel Scent Event by Aroma360

The scent of the 1 Hotel - event with Aroma360

A beautiful evening filled with love, laughs and beautiful scent! 

Aroma360, Habitat Restaurant and the 1 Hotel and Homes® Soth Beach paired up for a beautiful evening celebrating scent. The featured scent of the evening was MY WAY  which is one of Aroma360's most iconic scents inspired by alluring aroma of the 1 Hotel and Homes®. This aromatic masterpiece is the perfect balance between sensuality, ruggedness, and luxury. It is a woody and alluring blend of sandalwood, Virginia cedar, and iris. These notes are beautifully complemented with delicate violet and a hint of Tuscan leather and finished off with sensual amber.

Ever wished that amazing smell of the 1 Hotel & Homes® in Miami could be yours? Well, now it can! 


 “1 Hotel & Homes South Beach®, 1 Hotel & Homes® and 1 Hotel® are registered trademarks of SH Group Global IP Holdings, LLC.  Aroma360 is not associated with, sponsored or endorsed by SH Group Global IP Holdings, LLC.”

Fitness Scenting

Posted on April 11 2019
Gym Scenting by Aroma360In a contained test within gyms and fitness centers, it was established that the scent of peppermint could actually increase athletic performance.
Participants in a control group were given a peppermint scented adhesive strip to wear under their nose while conditioning. Results from the study showed that the peppermint aroma resulted in increased running speed and hand grip strength and even allowed the athletes to complete more push-ups.
Who needs caffeine and energy drinks when you have peppermint!

Scent and Savasana

Posted on February 19 2019

Scented Yoga Studios

Set the mood for your yoga practice with scent.

Scents can create an elevated mood and set the tone for devotional practice. Eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils to create a stimulating and invigorating atmosphere. The naturally occurring antibacterial properties of essential oils helps clean the air without using harmful chemicals. Try incorporating WAKE ME UP or ACROSS THE UNIVERSE to your practice and notice the difference.

5 (Manly) Scents for the Man Cave

Posted on February 18 2019

Man Cave Scents

A man cave is all about ambiance: comfy couches, the right TV setup, low lighting and most importantly, a manly scent. No, not like that. We’re talking essential oils. 
Essential oils like cedarwood, ginger, vetiver and patchouli are typically favored by men (okay, women too) because of their distinct musky, rugged and woody characteristics.
These scents – commonly used in cologne – are strong enough to freshen up any space, without feeling too feminine or flower-y.

Whether you’re into masculine scents or just shopping for your guy, we’ve put together our go-to list of essential oils that are man cave approved:

Midnight Jazz. Smoky wood top notes are blended with earthy patchouli, cedarwood and a subtle hint of jasmine for a sexy fragrance that taps deep into sensuality. For date night at home.

Back to Black. A warm, earthy blend of Indonesian patchouli, lavender and fir needles with endless healing benefits for the body and mind. For getting in touch with your inner zen.

Russian Roulette. The rich and intoxicating aroma of bourbon, fresh pine, smoky wood and amber sets the tone for a relaxing night at home. For poker with the boys.

My Way. Sandalwood, warm Virginia Cedar and smooth Tuscan leather create a relaxing atmosphere that helps restore your inner calm. For watching your team play.

Midnight in Paris. A vacation for your mind. Lemon, spicy nutmeg and amber come together for a bold, tantalizing scent. For when you’re feeling rundown.

Happy scenting, fellas!