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What Does Your Brand Smell Like?

Posted on July 06 2018

We are in a new era of branding, one that seeks to stand out from the pack. This requires innovative and creative measures. Brands need to create a personal sensory experience across a comprehensive range of consumer touch points. This “experiential” branding seeks to touch the consumer need, striving to create a sensory emotive experience rather than only communicate a brand identity. Brands have to create experiences for the customer that form the story of the brand-customer relationship.

The power of smell can create a positive emotional bond between the brand and the customer, creating a preferential advantage. Humans remember 35% of what they smell, compared to 5% of what they see. Using scent to disrupt the auditory and visual overload is the next step in telling the brand story. Because scent and emotions are so intricate intertwined, your customers will associate their experience with your brand to that scent. Aroma360 has assisted companies around the world in defining their brands signature scent and enhancing their customers experiences.

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Take Control of Your Demand

Posted on May 23 2018

It’s not news that casinos and hotels use some ambient scenting to enhance the guest experience. In casinos, scent can mask the smell of smoke or stale carpet, but carefully chosen scents can do more than that – they can make people want to stay in that space for a longer period of time, which makes them participate in a casino’s activities, restaurant, and entertainment options longer. In hotels, a scent can be chosen to create an increased perception of quality. Now, brands of all kinds are seeing that they can employ the same tactics and reap the benefits of scent marketing. 

Brands who are looking to influence their clientele are shocked by the simplicity of the science, process, and execution. Aroma360 scent consultants take the time to consider multiple factors when creating scent concepts for clients. Scent Consultants inquire about the brand’s goals, identity, imagery, personality, target market demographics, geographic footprint, architecture, and more to personalize the scent solution. Learn more about what scent marketing can do for your business – speak to one of our Scent Consultants today!

The Science Behind Scent Marketing

Posted on May 21 2018


One of the many reasons why scent can create such meaningful and long-lasting impressions is because it surpasses the part of the brain that processes logic and reasoning. Our initial reaction to scent is always visceral so when smelling a scent, information about that scent is immediately sent to the area of our brain that assigns importance.

Science has shown that within a year human can remember a scent with 65% accuracy, compared to a visual recall of 50% after 3 months. Scent can easily take you back to a sweet childhood memory or remind you of your favorite person. Imagine what scent could do for your brand. Speak to one of our consultants today to find out why so many businesses are adding a scent component to their marketing strategy.

Expand Your Senses - Win a Mini360 SL!

Posted on April 23 2018

Our sense of smell has proven to be more powerful than we consciously realize – allowing us to create significant memories and evoke particular emotions. In honor of National Sense of Smell Day, sponsored by the Sense of Smell Institute, we would like to offer one lucky winner the chance to expand their personal experience with the power of scent.

Contestants will have until Friday the 27th to enter their name into a raffle for a chance to win our sleek Mini360 SL diffuser, designed with luxury in mind.The winner will also receive a bottle of aroma oil. Entry is simple! Just follow Aroma360 on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn and repost the photo above. Afterward, confirm your entry by completing this form.

This contest is exclusive to those 18 years and older and residing in the United States of America. Winners will be announced on Saturday, April 28th. Good Luck!

Sweet Jasmine – The Romantic Mood Booster

Posted on April 12 2018

The sweet and romantic scent of jasmine isn’t unfamiliar to anyone. The delicate flower can be distilled into an oil with amazing benefits that go beyond just smelling lovely.

The scent of jasmine essential oil has an enchanting and reviving effect on the brain and can reduce, and sometimes completely alleviate, symptoms of depression. Jasmine tends to awaken poetic feelings in the mind, making it an aphrodisiac as well. The aromatic effect of jasmine releases serotonin, the feel-good hormone, from the brain making it a perfect fragrance for weddings and even first dates.

Turn your day around with any one of our jasmine oil blended oils - from the lightly sweet and floral Melia Hotel designed scent, Allure to our earthy and warm scent Secrets.