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Top Companies That Use Scent To Sell

Posted on October 03 2019

Nike Scent Marketing

When you think of any famous brand or company, a catchy slogan or theme tune may spring to mind. Perhaps it’s a classic advertisement you remember from your childhood or the motto of your favorite TV show. These things have a way of sticking in our minds, even if it’s been years since we last saw the show or heard about the brand.

Best Way To Make Your Home Smell Good Besides Using Candles

Posted on October 02 2019

Home Smell

For generations, candles have helped us decorate our homes, see in the darkness when the power goes out, and of course, create endearing scents for visitors and ourselves alike. But, alas, this is no longer the only solution to scenting your space. New waves of scent innovations have become available over the years, allowing you to try out alternative ways to scent your space. Here are a few of the aroma solutions many people have been using:

Cold Air Diffusers: Everything You Need To Know

Posted on October 01 2019

Cold Air Diffuser

Aromatherapy is at its peak right now, and with so much attention comes a myriad of innovative products. We've known about the usual suspects for years; candles, incense sticks, essential oil humidifiers, but when it comes to cold air diffusers, there are some questions to be asked. 

How Scent Marketing Increases Sales

Posted on October 01 2019

Scent marketing retail business

When it comes to generating attention toward your brand or completing the sale of a product, there are countless ways to tantalize the senses of your potential consumers. Some brands focus on imprinting their logo into the visual cortex of a passerby, while others may include unique sounds within their advertisements to catch the ear of the viewer. However, it may come as a surprise to many that scent marketing is one of the most complex and integral facets of gaining favor for your brand. Follow us for a brief look at the psychology behind scent marketing, and how companies have been using scent diffusers to persuade in-store actions for years.

Best Scents For You To Get In the Mood For Fall

Posted on September 26 2019

The long days of summer are giving way to the delights of fall, and there’s no better way to embrace the most colorful season of the year than by scenting a place of work or home space with delicious autumn bouquets.