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5 Gifts to Shop This Valentine's Day

Posted on January 31 2020

Valentine's gift

Still looking for the perfect gift for your significant other? Shopping for gifts can get stressful when you run out of ideas — to relieve some of that stress we've compiled a list of the top 5 things that will make a perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

The Ultimate Antidote To Nose Blindness

Posted on January 15 2020

home scenting

Have you ever heard of “nose blindness”? When you become so accustomed to a smell that you’re no longer aware of it? The home environment is the classic location for this to occur, leading to a less than hospitable ambiance. Aroma360 looks at the phenomenon and the ultimate method to overcome this common problem.

Where To Place Your Aroma Diffuser

Posted on January 15 2020

Aroma360 machine

No matter what size your aroma diffuser is, positioning is crucial. Doors, windows, and other access and egress points all have an impact as to where the fragrance will pervade. The following discusses the considerations necessary to decide on the ideal placement depending on your particular needs.

Why Retail Stores Need A Scent Machine

Posted on January 14 2020

scenting retail store

The scenting of luxury environments has long been associated with industries such as hotels and spas. In comparison, bespoke aromas within a retail space is still a relatively new concept. However, with high-profile retailers like Nike and Abercrombie and Fitch proving how powerful retail scenting is, it’s high time that stores of all sizes embrace this truly potent sales medium. 

Secrets For A Great Smelling Home

Posted on January 13 2020

scenting home

Household odors are a fact of life—but putting up with them certainly isn’t. The best homes imbue a beautiful aroma all the time, and if you’ve ever wondered how this is achieved then it’s time to reveal the secret weapon. Leading scenting company, Aroma360, explains the key facts on how to get rid of unwanted smells, ensuring your house is the fragrant nirvana that’ll have others begging to know how you manage it…