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Tis' The Season to be jolly! 

Nothing says "Tis' the season!" like the beautiful and natural scent of evergreen spruce, fir balsam, fresh cut pines and cedar wood. 

Season's Greetings allows you to experience the Holiday Season at the comfort of your home! 

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New Holiday Scent Alert - Candy Cane 0

Just in time for the Holiday Season, our newest Holiday Scent has arrived! CANDY CANE!

Icy cool peppermint twisted with star anise and notes of cocoa and vanilla bean set the ambiance for a sweet and delightful winder wonderland. 

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New Holiday Scent alert! - Rustic Pine 0

A spin-off from our most popular seasonal scent, Rustic Pine captures the Christmas tree scent everybody loves but with an added touch of fir balsam and sage that are blended with warm frankincense and cedar that take the classic Pine scent to a wonderfully new level. 

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The History of Essential Oils 0

Scent in History

If we follow essential oil records back through time, we arrive as far back as the time of the Ancient Egyptians. A scroll discovered by archaeologists dating back to around 1500 BCE was deciphered and found to list hundreds of remedies employing the use of essential oils.

Fast forward to the turn of the millennium, and we find the Bible describing essential oils in a number of instances, most notably when baby Jesus was given frankincense and myrrh. Then, there were the Ancient Greeks and Romans, who would diffuse essential oils inside their homes, public buildings and steam baths to maintain good health and keep things smelling beautiful.

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Happy Halloween! 0

Happy Halloween!

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