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Leave Stress Behind with These Calming Scents

Posted on January 13 2021


Let’s face it. This past year was incredibly challenging. And although we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, many of us are in need of peace and calm. That’s where the power of scent comes in. Certain plants and herbs have healing properties that, when breathed in, can create a serene feeling and mindset. At Aroma360, we utilize many of these soothing ingredients in our fragrance oils. Here’s four of our favorite scents to unwind with.

Turn Your Space into a Cozy Oasis this Winter

Posted on December 30 2020


As the song goes, “the weather outside is frightful…” Which means that you’ll be spending (even) more time at home this winter. Here are some tips to elevate the cozy factor by adding simple décor and sensory touches to any space, for your home, office or home office.

Scented Stocking Stuffers... Yes, It’s A Thing

Posted on December 21 2020


Fill your stockings to the brim with scented products from Aroma360. Since everyone loves light and bright scents, you can add a special touch with these fragrant gifts. Small enough to fit in a stocking, or under the tree, these are the perfect sensory treats for friends, family, gift exchanges and co-workers.

Give the Gift of Scent: 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on December 16 2020


This holiday season may look different, but it can certainly smell like the traditional Christmas celebrations of years past. Since scent is so closely tied to memory and emotions, one whiff of our Frasier Fir candle or fragrance oil will make you merry and bright. Here’s a handy guide to Aroma360’s favorite gifts for friends, family and, yes, even yourself.

Decorate with Scent for the Holidays

Posted on December 09 2020

Did you know that you can decorate with scent? Since scent is linked so closely with memory, one whiff of Frasier Fir can instantly evoke Christmas morning and all the festive vibes associated with this special day. Building on this scent-memory connection, you can use Aroma360’s collection of seasonal fragrance oils to create the perfect ambiance this holiday season.