The Art of

Scent Marketing

As companies try to stand out from the crowd, many have begun to explore scent marketing as a way to strengthen their brands and raise their revenue.

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Humans can remember:

  • - 5% of what we see
  • - 2% of what we hear
  • - 1% of what we touch
  • - 35% of what we smell
(Study carried out at Rockfeller University, 2010)

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“Scents have the ability to influence perception, emotions, behavior and even buying decisions.”

Farah Abassi Author, Aromachologist, and Founder of Aroma360

Some of Our Clients that Use Scent Marketing

Scent Branding

Reinforcing Brand Identity Through the Power of Scent

A&F scent “Fierce” is strong and edgy which they use to their advantage to market to their young upscale customers.

Delta’s scent “Calm” is their signature scent that they use not only to promote brand loyalty but to keep their passengers in a calm and relaxed state of mind while traveling.

Scent Marketing Science

Utilizing the Science of Smell to Influence Customer Behavior

A study done by Nike discovered that they could increase the intent to purchase by 84% through the introduction of scent into their stores.

Sony stores are scented with a mandarin orange vanilla blend designed to put female shoppers at ease while purchasing electronics.

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