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Fitness Industry

Today’s gyms have evolved into more than just a place to get fit, strong and healthy. For many members, it has become a place to find happiness and well-being. Different rooms within the gym can provide relaxation and rejuvenation while others can be scented to inspire and re-energize. Guests can get more out of each workout in a healthier, cleaner environment.

Motivate your Members

Using essential oil based scents in this industry works to both stimulate neurological responses within the body and to achieve desired training responses.  Certain ingredients have properties that have been proven to energize individuals and increase athletic performance. Additionally, gyms are perfect places for pure essential oils, as many oils possess anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to help stop the spread of germs.  

"I have been a customer of Aroma360 for several years now and can say their products are not just a joy to have and use but promotes a healthy milieu. The variety of scents they have is amazing and the customer service provided is second to none."

Leon Walton

Owner | Results Only Fitness

"We have used Dancing Queen fragrance in our indoor cycling studio since Day 1 and have been delighted with the reaction of our customers.  Virtually everyone who comes in says, "It smells great in here!"  We are very satisfied with the Aroma360 brand."

Steve Samuel

Co-Founder | SurroundCycle