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Fairmont Hotel Scent

May 30 2017


The scent of Fairmont Hotels is beautiful and distinct. It's the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. You no longer have to go to a Fairmont Hotel to enjoy this immaculate scent!

If you love the scent of a Fairmont Hotel, you will love DESERT ROSE by Aroma360.

This deep and romantic scent is comprised of dark damask rose and the rich layers of oud wood. Enticing clove and sweet praline seduce your senses to create a decadent display of lush aromas for a tantalizing sensory experience unlike any other.

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Erin Meyer
May 31, 2019

Is this the current scent at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver, BC, in Canada? May 2019? Or is it “Waterfall” as they’ve suggested in their cafe candles for sale? I see you have that scent as well. Very interested in purchasing the HVAC unit so our house can be scented the same fragrance!! Thanks in advance!
Erin M

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